New Contract – Two Water treatment Plants to flue gas desulfurization plants for Hitachi Europe GmbH in Poland

Hitachi Opts for Galvatek Technology in New Power Station Projects


Hitachi Europe GmbH chose Galvatek water treatment technology to support its flue gas desulfurization plants at two large-scale powerstations, in Poland.

Due to increasingly stringent environmental regulations regarding sulfur dioxide, SO2, emissions enacted in many European countries, manufacturers are updating their facilities and proactively applying new technologies, in order to meet and exceed these restrictions. Hitachi Europe GmbH is one of the leading developers of efficient FGD technology: an ideal partner to Galvatek creating cleaner, reliable and advanced production lines for the future.

Cleaner power for Poland

Hitachi wet flue gas desulfurization (FGD) systems have substantially improved the environmental performance of fossil fuelled power plants in Poland by effectively removing poisonous gas components, like sulfur dioxide, from their untreated flue gases. Galvatek waste water treatment plant (WWTP) will be an integral part of the FGD process in two latest Hitachi projects in the country.
WWTP will neutralize and clean the water generated from the desulfurization process by removing sulfur dioxide and other heavy metals as well as separate solid matter, like profitable gypsum, for reuse. Cleaned water is then released back to the natural water system with no harm to the environment.
Collaboration with Hitachi enables Galvatek to promote safer and environmentally effective power production.

Reliable partnership

Galvatek’s renewed cooperation with Hitachi Europe GmbH is a continuation from two prior successfully completed projects, in Poland. Good operational experiences validated a decisive advantage for Galvatek, as Hitachi was selecting a partner for its new projects there.
The first Galvatek WWTP plant will be delivered to Kozienice, Poland, in 2014 and second, in 2015.
The delivery includes the design, technology and production of equipment as well as project management and supervision during construction at location. Galvatek also oversees the commissioning of the plant and organizes user training for the personnel.