Products for Surface Finishing

John Cockerill engineers surface treatment solutions for industrial finishing on metal and plastic. The applied coatings decorate and protect metal or plastic surfaces using a variety of methods. The lines and plants we supply are in many cases custom-built, including wastewater treatment units.

Quality precision with automation

John Cockerill’s automation technology solutions lead to higher output capacity and production flexibility. This proves to be highly beneficial especially in mass production applications, where steady and error free surface treatment conditions are business critical.

Aluminium Anodizing

Aluminium anodizing plants for industries manufacturing goods for building, construction, machinery, and other purposes. Aluminium profiles and other products are typically long and need high-volume anodizing tanks.

Medical industry

Surface treatment plants for companies manufacturing medical supplies require constant high-quality and accurate reporting. Titanium is a typical process metal in medical instruments.

Luxury industry

Surface treatment plants producing goods for the luxury industry run with high capacity. Typical processes are copper, nickel, chromium, gold, silver, or bronze plating, demetallization, degreasing, and pickling.

Electronics / Electric Industry

Manufacturing plants for electronics or electric components need surface treatment plants for metals and printed circuits. Typical processes are plating, tinning, passivation, metalizing, tin or copper plating, and chemical nickel.

John Cockerill surface treatment workshops

Surface treatment workshops

Surface treatment workshops

We participate in the planning of the entire project, offering services from the beginning to the end – from planning, to the delivery of the equipment itself, and all the way to the commissioning of the plant. We deliver full-scale workshops as greenfield projects including wastewater treatment, NDT inspection, painting, and other facilities.

Plants for other industries

Anodizing Plants

Anodizing Plants

Anodizing lines especially for aluminum extrusions, which practically makes aluminum profiles for the construction industry, for example different aluminum window moldings.

Chemical Surface Treatment Plants

Chemical Surface Treatment Plants

Any coating line that does not use an electrochemical coating process (vs. electroplating), for the needs of different industries.

Electroplating Plants

Electroplating Plants

Electroplating plants for any decorative or technical coating line for industrial needs including chrome plating, zinc-nickel plating, cadmium plating, phosphating, and conversion coating.

Industrial Etching Plants

Industrial Etching Plants

An industrial etching plant for the needs of the pharmaceutical industry, which handles various tintan parts such as prostheses.

Plastic Plating Lines (POP)

Plastic plating lines

For any facility that needs a decorative coating, whether a perfume bottle cap in the luxury industry or even a typical faucet in the kitchen or a bathroom with shiny chrome.

Optimized manufacturing workflow

Due to John Cockerill’s Candovent ventilation system the plant can be placed anywhere in the production facility, without a separate ventilated area. This means flexibility in optimizing the facility layout, making room for better production flow and higher total output.

Environment, health and safety emphasised

Because of our own technology, John Cockerill’s solutions for metal finishing industry are always built to meet the environmental, health and safety requirements. The key is in automation, which means minimum human involvement is necessary in hazardous processes.