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We are John Cockerill Surface Treatment division, part of John Cockerill Group. John Cockerill Surface Treatment division has the legacy of three leading companies in the surface treatment industry: Galvatek from Finland, CMI Sleti from France and Cockerill Tempro in China. We are stronger together!

John Cockerill Surface Treatment Division



Galvatek has a strong tradition in the surface treatment industry globally, especially within the aviation industry. Galvatek has delivered over 300 plants to over 30 countries. Galvatek surface treatment plants are famous for efficiency, automation, safety and extremely high-quality of the end products.



The French Sleti was founded in 2004, but it´s roots date back to 1956. Sleti has been serving a surprisingly wide range of industries from automotive to luxury goods and from agricultural machinery to space industry.

Cockerill Tempro

Cockerill Tempro

Cockerill Tempro was founded as a joint-venture of John Cockerill and Chinese Tempro (Langfang Technology Co.) in 2019. Cockerill Tempro is especially serving the fast growing surface treatment plant market in China.

John Cockerill Surface Treatment Division Global Performance

100 Years of experience

50 Countries served

35 Years of proven plant time


1000 Worldwide references

We Are Stronger Together

Galvatek, CMI Sleti and Cockerill Tempro have combined forces to become the world strongest supplier of surface treatment plants. Under the name of John Cockerill Surface Treatment we can offer the widest range of technologies, superior know-how and financial resources and the most comprehensive network of sales offices, agents and service dealers to support you around the globe.

The resources of the John Cockerill group include plant types outside of the surface treatment, like wastewater treatment plants and scrubbers for waste air. You need only one contact in the John Cockerill group and we can offer you all the technologies of the Group. Together we can smoothly deliver you complete greenfield workshops, truly turnkey projects.

A Promise of Reliable Functionality

We design, engineer, and supply automated surface treatment plants to the most demanding industries and environments in the world. When it says John Cockerill Surface Treatment, it is a promise of reliable functionality, accurate deliveries as promised, and real global support through our network of professionals.

Knowledge of equipment is required, but we also understand the customer’s surface treatment processes and know what they really need. If necessary, we know how to say what kind of line a customer should buy. Each line is tailored to that particular customer.

We provide our customers with once in a lifetime purchase solution where you’ll be sure that from day one you have the best working equipment that gives you the highest quality finishing you need. We get there with comprehensive listening and understanding of our customers in terms of their needs.

Beyond Surface Treatment

When we promise expertise beyond surface treatment, we refer to our uncompromising approach to each individual project. This is the only way of designing and building plants that not only exceed the expectations set upon them but also have an operational lifetime guarantee for decades to come. We believe this is also the reason why we’ve become the global leader in our field.

Delivering customized solutions

We deliver customized plants to our customers. We develop ideas for functional automated surface treatment plants. This includes the whole process from the initial design down to the launch of the finished line with all the necessary tanks, structures, and plant components as standard. This means no hidden costs or exclusions in the delivery.

The best spokespersons for our deliveries are our customers who have been trusting us since the beginning of John Cockerill Surface Treatment history. We deliver our solutions to aviation, defense, energy, and metal finishing industries.

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Our prime delivery type includes the whole process from the initial design down to the launch of the finished line with all the necessary tanks, structures and plant components as standard.

Model of a Typical John Cockerill Surface Treatment Project

Everything starts from the customer’s needs – always. John Cockerill Surface Treatment project experts define your need and find the perfect solution and machinery for your plant.

A Project Manager supervises the project entity and schedule, ensuring that the customer’s needs get fulfilled in every project phase, and for example, makes contracts with subcontractors. The Sales team finds the right solutions for the customer’s needs and supervises the project to the planning phase. Our global subcontractors are responsible for the construction of the surface treatment plants, and the well-known and trusted subcontractors locally take care of the manufacturing despite the location of the client’s plant.

Every plant is tailored fit-to-purpose according to your specific demands. After thorough planning, we will manufacture and deliver the uniquely designed machinery for you.


John Cockerill Group

John Cockerill Surface Treatment division was formed in 2021, when Galvatek, CMI Sleti and Cockerill Tempro joined forces under the name of John Cockerill. Three companies have together over 100 years of experience and they have delivered over 1000 surface treatment plants all over the world.

As a part of John Cockerill, we are one of the largest, most capable, and most trustworthy surface treatment solution providers. Together we can better serve large projects over our own specialty. We utilize the expertise and resources of our partners. For our clients, this means aggregated competence at your service.

Being a part of the global giant, we have the market’s best opportunities and know-how for surface treatment and serving our customers globally. We are also going towards the mutual goal for our environment – to make our solutions more environmentally friendly, energy and water efficient, and use the latest technology.

CMI Sleti – French company specialized in car, luxury, and medical industries.
Cockerill Tempro – Serving Chinese markets with high-end solutions in aviation, car, luxury, defense, and energy industries.
Galvatek – Finnish company which has been serving aviation, metal finishing, energy and other industries for over 40 years and delivered over 300 surface treatment plants to over 30 countries.

About John Cockerill

John Cockerill, founded in 1817, is a mechanical engineering group headquartered in Seraing, Belgium, producing machinery for steel plants, industrial heat recovery equipment and boiler, and shunting locomotives and military equipment.

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