Galvatek wins sought after MRO contract in China

Galvatek wins sought after MRO contract in China

Galvatek is pleased to publish a major contract signed with Sichuan Services Aero Engine Maintenance Company, SSAMC

Turn key delivery of chemical cleaning and fpi lines

This contract is a full turnkey delivery which includes a delivery of fully automated Galvatek chemical cleaning and inspection lines for CFM 56 and Leap engines. Contract marks a milestone in company’s history with the entrée to one of the world’s fastest growing Chinese aviation market which dominates the annual global air traffic growth by 65 %.

MRO services for CFM56 series engines

SSAMC is a joint venture between Air China and CFM based at the Chengdu-Shuangliu airport. It offers wide range of MRO services especially for CFM56 engines. The agreed delivery will be executed in two phases over a period of one and a half years at Chengdu, Chinese Province of Sichuan. The project will be carried out in cooperation with the Beijing Great Harvest, Galvatek’s representative in China region. Capacity of the planned cleaning and inspection lines with options exceeds 300 engines annually. The complete system is planned to be in full operation by late 2016.

Galvatek was chosen over its competitors for its long-established global aviation MRO cleaning shop expertise and because the company offers a cost-effective long-term solution supported with CE4MRO cleaning concept.

During its 30 years as the market leader and pioneer of process automation, Galvatek has accumulated more than 500 references globally. Its MRO technology is designed to secure smooth operation and to provide valuable information for accurate service repairs through inspections and reports. Company’s wide range and scale of engineering skills are utilized and respected around the world. Company’s customers in the aviation industry include General Electric, Pratt &Whitney and many major airlines including All Nippon Airlines, Singapore Airlines and Lufthansa.