Delivery competed: A fully automatic tin plating plant combined with Waste Water Treatment Plant has been delivered to Ouneva Group in Finland.

Galvatek completes a delivery of fully automatic tin plating line to Ouneva Group in Finland


Galvatek has finished a delivery of fully automatic tin plating line with Waste Water Treatment Plant to Ouneva Group in Tuupovaara, Finland.

Products coating takes place in drums which are loaded with the help of precise leveling in the loading area.

After the treatment, the products are dried with a centrifuge before they are moved to the assembly phase. Surface treatment as well as process direction and control are fully automatic, requiring only a user control, as well as the appropriate scheduled maintenance. The technical solutions such as Candovent ventilation and Galcont automated control system implemented in the plant are amongst the top class in the world.

Rinsing waters are neutralized and the resulted sludge is separated in an individual Waste Water Treatment facility. The Waste Water Treatment Plant was part of complete Galvatek delivery. The project was delivered in schedule and the plant is taken into production.